Reiki Healing

We have several Reiki healers and Reiki Masters running regular clinics at the shop offering 30 – 90 minute treatments.

Reiki Training

If you are interested in training to be a Reiki practitioner we can match you up with a Reiki Master teacher near you and we usually have a calendar of where upcoming training courses are being held. Several of our Reiki Masters have studied different strands of Reiki such as Holy FIre Reiki, Reiki Drum, and Angelic Reiki so if you are interested in exploring any of these modalities please ask to be put in touch with a practitioner who can guide you on your journey.

Private Readings
A couple of times a week, our psychic mediums work from the shop offering private readings which can be recorded for you to listen to again at leisure. Appointments usually sell out quickly so book early to ensure a place.

Tarot and Oracle Card Readings
We hold regular Tarot and Oracle readings in the treatment room to help you answer burning questions or clarify the situations in your life.

Spiritual Healing
Spiritual healing and distant healing is available in the shop free of charge. Please ask.

Workshops and Courses
We run a range of workshops to accelerate your spiritual development and growth led by talented spiritual seekers and mediums who share their skills and experience in small groups.
See the Events page for more information.

Spiritual Development 
We run a weekly development group for all people wishing to develop spiritually and discuss topics with like minded people.